Posted by: John H. Jones | September 11, 2009

LIMS are like sausages!

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I was talking to an associate the other day and a strange conversation developed around sausages.  Personally, I am rather fond of sausages but that is not the point of this blog.  This blog is how LIMS are like sausages.

It is really quite simple, you would no more want to eat a plate of raw sausages than you would want to try to use a LIMS that was not configured specifically to your lab and ready to go as a turn-key solution.

Sausages are best served fully cooked.  Likewise, a LIMS implementation is considered complete only when all setup of tests, work flows, users, data migrations, instruments, reports and anything else that you can think of, have been configured to your labs needs in order to process samples and produce reports.  Also, I would not recommend that you do this configuration by yourself.  When you order breakfast, you do not expect to have to go to the kitchen to cook your own food; you expect the food to be fully cooked, prepared and delivered to you ready to eat.  You should expect no less from your LIMS implementation.

If you are missing any of these critical ingredients, your LIMS implementation will leave a very bad taste or worse, make you quite ill.

I thought about putting in some pictures for illustration purposes but when I got to looking at the choices, I decided against it since some of you may be eating lunch or breakfast.

Bon Appetite!


  1. John,
    I love the food analogy. I would also point to another food and LIMS similarity. Did you ever notice that on menus, especially the ones from large chain restaurants, that the pictures of the food are always so appetizing and perfect, yet when your food order comes it never really looks like the picture? I think this happens in the LIMS world quite often as well.

    The menu with the fabulous picture is the LIMS demo system that is brought in. It looks great! It does everything you ever wanted and more! Unfortunately, when the software shows up and the implementation is over, your LIMS never actually looks as good as that demo!

    This sad situation often happens with the large LIMS players as they do not often have implementation staff with the needed domain knowledge. Also, it is not uncommon that what is shown in the demo as standard functionality does not really exist but, of course, you can get that function if you are willing to pay for it and have the time!

    Selecting the right vendor with the right domain knowledge is critical!

  2. I will be doing another blog post soon: “LiMS are like fish”.

    Basically the longer the implementation goes, the more it starts to stink.

  3. […] while back I wrote a blog about how LIMS are like sausages in that you don’t want a LIMS that is not configured for your lab.  You want a system that […]

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