Posted by: John H. Jones | December 29, 2009

ASTM CCR (Continuity of Care Record) technical overview – An alternative to HL7

In my previous blog post, a video provided a simplistic overview of HL7 and its purpose.  There is a new alternative to HL7 called CCR (Continuity of Care Record).  This new standard appears to be much easier to deal with from a technical standpoint and offers more capabilities.  However, HL7 has been around a lot longer and has gained momentum.  After studying both CCR and HL7, I can say that CCR is the better mouse trap but the age of HL7 and its momentum that has been built from its age still means that we software developers must still continue to support it (nothing is ever easy 😦 ).

The following video provides a technical overview of CCR:



  1. I think CCR is to be compared with the HL7 CCD, which is intended to subsume the CCR, rather than with the entire body of HL7 specs.

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