Posted by: John H. Jones | March 27, 2010

LIMS industry follows the LabLynx lead in web hosted LIMS

In 1997 LabLynx was the first with a 100% web browser based LIMS.  In 1998 LabLynx was the first to host LIMS for customers as an Application Service Provider.

Now, over a decade later, the LIMS industry has acknowledged that both web browser based LIMS and web hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) LIMS are both the present and the future of LIMS.  Expect to see more LIMS companies follow the LabLynx lead by offering web hosted SaaS LIMS built on web browser technologies.  Read: SaaS – Is a web hosted LIMS right for your laboratory?

Web Hosted Software for Laboratories from LabLynx, Inc. is the world’s largest provider of hosted software for laboratories. Hosted software, also referred to as SaaS (Software as a Service) allows any size laboratory to have high end, powerful software for a low monthly price.  With webLIMS, it doesn’t stop there…  Your lab has access to dozens of Laboratory and Business software systems and tools that allow you to customize and even build your own systems at a fraction of the costs for the traditional LIMS solution.  Benefits include:

          • No Software to Purchase

          • No Hardware to Purchase

          • No need for IT assistance

          • Faster implementations

          • A Low Monthly Price

          • and so much more…

Who Needs webLIMS and Why?

YOU do! The fact is, especially when businesses are beginning to value fiscal responsibility, not every lab should have to come with its own LIMS software IT department. More and more, it is becoming clear that huge up-front license fees and long, expensive implementations followed by fixes, upgrades and general onsite maintenance of servers and other hardware along with software is just too much to have to endure — especially now that there is a choice.

webLIMS Lets You Concentrate on Your Lab

When cars first came along you had to be a pretty handy mechanic just to drive one. Laboratory software has been like that for too long. Finally there is a model that doesn’t require you to be an IT engineer. Just sign up for your hosted account and get going right away. Whether you are a single user start-up or a large multi-site corporate business, the web hosted model makes sense for you.

Any Size/Type

webLIMS isn’t limited to any particular size or type of lab. Add or drop users and/or functional modules anytime with no extra charges.

Industries/lab types webLIMS is right for include: Environmental, Manufacturing (Materials/Products, Pharmaceutical, other), Food & Beverage, Clinical/Public Health, Forensics, Government and Your Lab.

So if you are in the lab business, you need webLIMS!

Sign-up for a free trial of today at no risk and no charge and no obligation:

free trial


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