Posted by: John H. Jones | October 9, 2010 becomes the industry’s largest user’s group for LIMS & Laboratory Informatics with over 10,000 members

posted by:  John H. Jones, President of the Laboratory Informatics Institute

I want to thank all of the members of the Laboratory Informatics Institute who have helped spread the word about to help drive the membership in this Internationally based user’s group.  Our membership is now at over 10,000 and we are gaining over 1,000 new members per month.

What makes this member driven group unique is its diversification beyond simply the traditional LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) user.  As with any healthy ecosystem, diversification of members is an absolute necessity in order to drive innovation.  This diversity has lead to interesting discussions that directly impact how LIMS are developed, deployed and what functionality makes up the next generation of LIMS.  Members from Information Technology, business, government, laboratories, healthcare and not to mention the large and diverse areas of physical sciences and life sciences make up this unique professional group.  What’s more, these same members are spreading the success of the LIMSforum by word-of-mouth.

If you are not currently a member of the group,, you will want to be sure and join it today and check out the numerous special interest subgroups.  Membership is free and open to everyone who is also a member of


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