Posted by: John H. Jones | April 16, 2011

What is the best acronym to describe a comprehensive Laboratory Informatics System?

Posted by: John H. Jones, President of the Laboratory Informatics Institute & LabLynx, Inc.

Recently there has been a very active discussion on the LIMSforum concerning the potential need for a term or acronym that describes a comprehensive, functional Laboratory Informatics System that manages all aspects of Laboratory Information.  There is a growing trend in the LIMS industry to have a comprehensive, full featured LIMS that provides for traditional LIMS functionality as well as functionality for Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) along with a host of other functionality such as ERP/accounting integration, HR integration, CDS (Chromatography Data Systems), Chemical Inventory, Batch Record Management, analyst workflow management and the list goes on and on.

I have created a poll based upon the recent lengthy discussions entitled: “Do we need a new term to describe systems that manage Laboratory Information?”

Please take a moment to give your opinion as to what term works best if any:


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