Posted by: John H. Jones | April 22, 2012

The SPCA stands up for the rights of chickens, they need to help the poor future, corporate office workers

Well, I know this is not a LIMS article but I just read an article that caused me to do a double take.  I know I am a bit out of touch with the smarmy corporate culture but my God, if this is the sort of stuff that is going on, I pray that the SPCA will come to the rescue of our fellow chickens (I mean office workers).

The article is in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Warming up to the Officeless Office”.  This reminds me of what has happened to the industrialization of chicken farming where you see thousands of chickens stuffed into a communal area.  The SPCA has attempted for years to come to the rescue of chickens, lets hope they can help out the poor Corporate office worker Sad smile

The future of the Corporate Office Worker


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